Monday, March 31, 2014

Pressure Drop writeup from SSS Corinthian!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Check pressure drop writeup of last weekend's race

And Erik was there to capture Elise's oopsie (and when the shackle for the spinnaker line just opened up unexpectedly). Cost us a boat!

cool video from this weekend's race from a drone.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

More great pics by Serge from Spring Keel

Slowly getting into a summer pattern...

J105 racing

Elise heading back


Spring Keel - some day 1 and some day 2 photos mixed up

I think that this is day 2 - about 20 knots of wind. Courtesy of Serge on shore.

I think this is also day 2, courtesy of Serge, getting ready for a gybe.

Day 2 - courtesy of Serge. The fog really lifted up in the afternoon.

Photo courtesy of Serge.

Heading back to the dock

Tacking duel with an Open 570
Photo courtesy of Serge

Relaxing after the race

Way to go

Photo courtesy of Serge

More photo courtesy of Serge

A paddle boarder in the start area!!!

The Melgi starting

Took us forever to get there but here is Point Bonita buoy..

Tequila Mockinbird sailing back

Scott relaxed

Getting ready for the start

Brian trimming the main in light air

The Melgi again

Brian, one of my sailing Gods

Serge, Elise's wife (by his own admittance)

Serge and Mark

There really is a lot of things that Serge does not drink.

Race to Point Bonita, back to a gate, rounding the leeward mark and then upwind, rounding a windward mark and then downwind.

Good boat handling except for one gybe, awful speed in light air with wave...Super super super super fun with spinnaker downwind in 20+ knots.

Spring Keel Day 1

Feeling Peachy?

Nathan thinking tactically

Happy Mark

Brian, Nathan and Scott, waiting for the wind to pick up

The previous fleet starts

Scott is boom sitting before the fun starts

Brian's lifejacket went off!!

 The latest look on the Bay

Eating lunch while in postponment

Brian wondering how he could get people's attention...

First race: terrible start, terrible light air speed and overall not good results. Great tactics. Saved us!
Second race: much better, great speed upwind after the first half of the first upwind but that was about it...Great interesting tactical finish. Also, the spinnaker sheet shackle got loose so we had to recover from that and a near round up, saved by the bell at the last minute. Great boat speed downwind too.
Third race: so so...

All in all fun, but need to work on getting in the groove faster...and be faster in the light air. Great boat speed in the heavy stuff. Sounds familiar. Perhaps because it is the first race of the season?