Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cat boat

Drakes Bay - Day 2

We saw two more whales!!!

Most photos courtesy of Nathan

Brian racing

Curious little fellows, probably fishing?

They were jumping all over the place

Not sure what they were after

Red Sky at the finish. We botched that one!

Elise back at the dock

With her battle flag

Mile Rock

 Doing my bit for boat speed

While Nathan is doing his bit

Finally some wind

Getting to the flood current

Drakes Bay Raft Up

Very nice raft-up in Drakes Bay!!

Calm night

Boats of all sizes joined up

RedSky was the center of our raft - and his anchor took most of the load...

Elise got an early dinner ready

 Nathan took pictures all the time!!

Getting ready for dinner


And Tortuga baked warm banana bread and apple crumble!!! Delicious!!!

A sleepy Nathan

Getting ready to go for the day

Venison dinner with corn on Elise

Drakes Bay SSS Race - Day 1

Most photos courtesy of Nathan - some of Nat

Hydrating on the upwind leg

 There were thousands of birds at Drakes Bay

Disturbing the peace

Entering the Bay

We stayed offshore to enjoy better winds but the extra distance proved to be so so good and we finished in the middle of the pack


Second time out of the gate post injury

We saw two whales!!!

We saw mama birds and baby birds everywhere

 Tight reach under spinnaker in really light air

A smiling Nathan

on our way to the finish