Monday, May 23, 2016

Around the Rocks

 Elise won Around the Rocks - mostly picking up best currents and trying to maximize VMG within each current band. Kept the kite up as long as possible with wind direction. Great conditions the entire time.

Was ahead of double handers too until the last upwind leg which was windier and lack of weight in the rail was a problem - also no time to rerun the lines and re hoist the spinnaker before the finish which double handers did. Crap.

The most interesting part was actually heading back to the dock. I dropped the genoa to the deck and sailed back under main only (and autopilot! drinking and eating mostly) and because the channel back to the St Francis hasn't been dredged for a while there was very little space to tack back and forth so I ended up in an empty upwind slip at the entrance of the harbor... then had to start the engine to make it just up the fairway. 

What a beautiful day and beautiful conditions - Elise started about 25 min late because the tide was ripping and there was no wind at the start...

Red Sky on the way to the start line

Ahead of double handers too up until the very last leg

Crewed lightship

Shortly after the double handed lightship Elise participated in the crewed lightship - and found out early in the morning before the race that there was no genoa on board...just a jib! - for a light air day. Fortunately there was a downwind start, then no wind at all so we anchored (boats that did not anchor violated the Anita Rock restricted area from which you cannot exonerate yourself) and had lunch before heading out. We did well given the fact that we had the wrong headsail up the entire upwind...

on the way back!

No wind at the start. The yellow buoy on the right side marks a restricted area. A lot of boat including the mini on this photo violated the area but decided to continue to sail for the day since it was such a beautiful day.

 David on Domino

The crew enjoying lunch!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Double-Handed Lightship

I am late posting pics of this year's season. Elise treated Nathan and I to a wonderful double-handed lightship. Dead at the beginning with the wind picked up a little bit afterwards making for a very nice run. oh the joy of sailing in and out of harbors

Flaking sails afterwards

Ethereal sights at the start


The start!

My shoe collection