Thursday, October 22, 2015

Vallejo 1-2

Hanging out at the club

Heading out to the start line on Saturday - photo courtesy of Serge

We're off!

Did well on boat speed, messed up a couple of maneuvers, Joe and George had amazing tactics on Saturday

Fun all the way though, as usual!

Great choice of glass at sardine can!

David did the race on Elise. We finished second.

Stayed in current early on, then left to get early wind, we stayed left and close to shore to get out of the current

We hoisted a spinnaker by the Richmond bridge but the wind moved forward so we dropped it (losing a sheet in the process as we didn't really drive down nor did a letterbox style), George was nextg to us but headed up right into more wind and won by 12 seconds!

Nationals Day 3

We finished racing early - crew work was good albeit slow as we were training up Vlad. Fantastic practice though. Good boat speed.

So we got to see the show!!!

Happy Nicolas!

 fun day! I did foredeck and Nathan drove

Nationals Day 2

Nice 15 to 17 knot winds  - above picture taken from the Express 27 facebook page

 And we got to see some of the show!

Getting ready for racing