Thursday, December 11, 2014

Testing Brian's autopilot on Echappée

I am working very hard. Photo taken by Serge

Great choice for sail number

Sunday, November 16, 2014

last sail on Elise for the year

beautiful morning out to the race course

we were DHing. I was foredeck

 a model of the lightship race: channel markers and lightbucket

Photos courtesy of Nathan

Hoisting Elise

Serge is becoming an expert

a cute buddy

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Berkeley Midwinters - Saturday

I can't really do a writeup as I was driving. It was a standing windward/leeward course, twice around, with start/finish restricted. Light but steady wind, and not drifting parade, enough wind to really sail. We had only four people on the boat which was actually great for this kind of wind speed.

 From my perspective - 

  • Great start
  • Crappy first upwind leg (area I/we need to focus on to improve the most)
  • Good roundings
  • Great downwind speed
  • Great tactics (we picked up 3 boats mostly with downwind speed and tactics)

James did a great job at trimming. Fantastic at communicating.


Guessing that this is before the start

In the start area, Ryan getting ready to call traffic and distance to the line.

Peggy's new boat!

Trimming and driving downwind requires close communication to be effective. In light air, even when not trimming or driving, everyone can help with weight management.

Beginning of the fleet going downwind...Makes me guess that we were still on our way to round the mark!

Ryan did an awesome job on the foredeck

Applying the lessons I learned during Transpac. This was AFTER the race, on the way back to the Club which was a fantastic sail. We flew the spinnaker for about 1/3 of the way.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I love Brian's bottle of wine...

and a very nice white it was!

Elise Boat Work

Photos and Projet work by Serge, Elise's caretaker

Drying off Elise's spinnaker that Nathan and James used during the GGYC midwinters series on Saturday

Waterproofing the connector to the solar panel

waterproofing all the connectors out back

Rinsing Elise's spinnaker after Saturday's race

Barbecue on Echappee

Photos by Nathan and Serge mostly...

Dancing on the deck to Burning Man's style music

Go Giants

Telling others what to do

Serge is taking us out

While Nathan is saying 'oh no!!' and prefers not to watch

Serge's driving station

Setting up the table for lunch

Serge is cooking

I brought the bread

Our neighbors. we just picked up a buoy at Angel Island

No that was not my lunch

I also brought the cheese and I enjoyed the wine. Great choice by Nathan

So full after lunch...

...that I needed a second glass of wine to flush things down

Serge clearly has other tastes

Note that Nathan's shirt and Echappee's sail covers were color matching. This is not a coincidence.

Under the new bridge

The old leaves room for the new

Echappee heading out to Angel Islands

Drill with a lifeboat looks like

Testosterone central required to operate the grill...It took the two of them to get it going and then the two of them to turn it off.

 Chilling. Echappee is perfect for this - She has all the comforts of home..Oh wait, she IS a home..

Good neighborhood...Giants fans.