Monday, June 24, 2013

Engine is repaired

and the next project will be to make sure that it attaches correctly to the mount...It was on really really tight and yet one side gave in.

Photos courtesy of Ultimate Yachtshots

Brian's long range VHF communication test

Jordan Series Drogue

Elise's new Jordan series drogue. a) I wanted two drogues for ocean crossing because if you lose one in a storm, I wanted to be able to rig another one. b) I wanted a Jordan series drogue as you don't have to deploy the entire thing and you can adjust depending on the severity of weather. You can also use it as an semi-autopilot downwind as it keeps your boat in a straight line...and you wouldn't have to deploy most of the drogue that way.

Now onto the bridle...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Definition of sailing

Love this.

Various sailing pictures

 Woodies international championship - photo courtesy of Ultimate Yachtshots

 Artemis after the deadly accident in SF Bay - Photo credit: Pressure Drop US

Single-handed Farallones race 2013 - Andrew Hamilton on Barbaloot (Moore 24) - photo from Norcalsailing but not sure who actually took the picture?

Elise's bosun seeing other boats

and doing race committee work

Lifeline work

Replacing some bent stanchions

Photos: Ultimate Yachtshots


This weekend Serge asked if Optis were seaworthy boats.
Nathan replied that during a world championship, his Dad's class waited out for the wind to calm down, watching the optis go out and play.
They certainly are fairly sturdy and ready to take on some crazy stuff!

Box to protect the Honda generator in rougher weather

Really nice craft job by Serge

The idea is that you can start the generator while under the dodger with its back to the outside so the exhaust isn't inside the cabin at all. Could also be with companionway sliding hatch closed. Then it can be put entirely in the box while it runs.

It has a standard weatherized extension cord that connects to its charger (which will be set up by the battery compartment in the V-berth.

This is to make Elise more or less foolproof when it comes to power. If it is cloudy, she should still be able to refill its battery and run at night. If it is sunny, the battery holding capacity and solar panel capacity should be enough to keep her running the AP pretty much all the time except when the driver WANTS to drive for a little while.

The holes corresponding to the plugs and through which we can put the extension cord

And the hole corresponding to the exhaust

Full cover

Photos: ultimate yachtshots

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Elise's new clutch

We had some issues with halyards wearing out prematurely - so we upgraded to a clutch that is a bit more gentle on the lines because it doesn't have just one point where it presses on the cover.

Photo: courtesy of Ultimate Yachtshots

More photos from the ladies during the delivery from Vallejo (or Isleton more specifically0

Photos courtesy of Serge

More pictures from delivery and cleaning up afterwards

Cleaning up sails with Hershel sniffing around to make sure the salt is gone

Motoring up current

One of the many bridges along the way...

The seethrough sail...

Photos courtesy of Ultimate Yachtshots

Monday, June 17, 2013

Delivery packing and recovering

 Yup, we were able to store all this on the boat

Serge rolling sails

Enjoying brunch at the club

hmm, desert

And after we rinsed everything and put everything away, dinner was the reward!

Photos: Nat

Delivery: Sailing back to the Club

Made very good progress. 4 tacks only to Richmond Yacht Club and about 4 hours total elapsed time. We should have been racing :)

We did a touch and go to drop off Nathan at Richmond Yacht Club

Sailing back to the Saint Francis in 25-30 knots of wind, very choppy because of the ebb tide which was a ton of fun. 1.5 hrs later we were back at Elise's home.

Delivery: morning after

Dawn in Vallejo

Breakfast! We hadn't planned on a night in Vallejo so we had to make do with what was left from the previous day.

Exiting the Vallejo channel under main only - waiting until we clear the corner to decide which jib to put up

Elise and her crew waking up in Vallejo

It was the pirate festival in Vallejo!

another kind of pirate

Sleeping the day off

Sailing, finally!