Monday, December 30, 2013

Echappée out with mom day before Christmas Eve

My mom came to visit over the  holidays and we went out on Nathan's boat.

There was very little wind but we did try to fly Echappée's new spinnaker (and Express 27 spinnaker! Yay!) - the ebb current was so strong that the minute we hoisted the sails and stopped the engine the boat went backward which made my mom laugh of much for two SF Bay racers...

Nat trimming the new spinnaker

A little trip out to Point Bonita


Calm as glass

So happy to be out on the water!

Ain't this beautiful?

Nathan tucks away his two new beer glasses

And opens up Christmas gifts!

Heading back at night - and what a sunset...

Lunch served!

Motoring under the Bay Bridge

Sunbathing by Treasure Island

Enjoying the holidays lights

and maybe one day my mom will agree to go out on Elise :) So far Red Sky and Echappée have been graced by her presence.

My big dream for 2014

Single Handed Transpac

Pictures taken from the Single Handed Sailing Society website from past year's events and pressure drop for this year's event.

These people are my heroes!

The winner of last edition

An epic transpac. Broken mast and a jury took a while but the boat finished!!! Now THAT is the spirit of single handed sailing. You just figure things out...

 Another Express 27 - Elise's cousin. TAZ! is a two time finisher if I am not mistaken.

Can't wait for the surf! Elise is an awesome boat for that, she just takes off.

Max and Solar Wind!
(hey Max, you should watch 'All is Lost'. Robert Redford spends a lot of time shaving in the face of storms'

Let's hope that the circumstances and my focus will not change so that this dream can come true. I know it will be hard, probably one of the hardest things I have ever done but I also know that this will be one of the most enjoyable things that I will ever do.

I love single handed sailing. I love heavy weather sailing. I love downwind sailing. I love long distance sailing. I love offshore sailing. I love surfing. I love Elise.

This race combines all of the above and I can be competitive since it is with people like me, who usually also have a full time job...What is not for me to like in it?

And the boat is 70% ready because of her regular offshore/long distance program. Focusing on upgrading electrical system and testing autopilot. The rest is the usual, taking the rig down, having it inspected, etc... upgrading the emergency rudder (but Elise already has one) so she is lighter, upgrading the big solar panel so she is lighter (but Elise already has one) but all of these are nice to have, Elise could go with what she has now...It's just that it is a race...

Elise has already been to Hawaii. She is small and manageable for people my size...She is tricky to sail and drive with the positive flip side which is that she is fast. Autopilots may not do a great jobs for boats like her because she turns on a dime...however Brian's Doomsday device has done wonders so far and is getting better and better. So she is the safest boat probably for me to do this in.

Can't wait.