Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Rescue in the Pacific

Narrating the 1994 Force 12 Storm that formed near Fiji and the rescue operations that went along with it. A lot of the abandoned ships by able bodies were found intact months later.

ZYC Challenge

Fun time at the ZYC Challenge this year - 7 boats crossed the start line! 3 more than last years
  1. Elise
  2. Stink Eye
  3. Domino
  4. Dura Mater
  5. JouJou
  6. HotSocks
  7. Nicolas' boat

Race committee on station waiting for arrivals

Getting ready to welcome back a boat - Serge was spotting and I was writing down times.

Serge also took a lot of pictures at the start.

Elise, Stink Eye and Domino at the Start

Hotsocks and Dura Mater at the start

Not part of the race but a cool pictures from Serge

Nicolas getting to the start line

After the start, the race committee enjoyed some fireman show

A nice lunch with a friend

Nathan getting ready for the race

The race committee before heading out to lunch

Photo courtesy of Nathan on Elise

Elise heading back from the lightship

Domino as viewed by Elise

Nicolas is getting a Rookie Medal at the award dinner. Crispin on HotSocks also got one.

First place trophy by less than a minute on corrected time goes to Nathan on Elise

Second place trophy goes to Jonathan on Stink Eye.

Third place medal goes to Tom on JouJou.

Photo courtesy of Joanthan on Stink Eye - interesting art piece.

Last Sail on Elise - Half Moon Bay

at the start - photo courtesy of Serge. Elise had very good boat speed.

We sailed the boat back at night to enjoy the stars and warm weather and Vlad and I drove back to Half Moon Bay to pick up Vlad's car and enjoy a fabulous breakfast at Ketch Joanne.

Out under the gate for one last time

Light air and a superbly well behaved boat

Fabulous conditions 

Two panhandlers at Half Moon Bay

There she is - beautiful as ever

My kind of boat