Sunday, March 31, 2013

Double-Handed Farallones 2013

The way to the island started upwind with breeze in the 8 to 11 knot range. I started driving and about half way Nathan and I switched position.
The wind then veered steadily south putting us on a reach directly to the island and we were sailing at about 7 knots in 15 knots of wind
The wind picked up close to the island between 13 and 18 knots. A short beating around the island and we were back on a reach
We saw a couple of whales!!! and dolphins played with us around the boat for a long time
Straight line to the island on a reach (fastest point of sail) was our hope when we opted for a South route. Weather forecast was for a southerly breeze, turning to a SE wind. You can California Condor on their way back in the photo above
The rest of the Express 27 fleet to leeward of us
A little bit of rain shortly before we rounded the island but mostly clear day. We were slower after the lightship and lost our advantage (we had picked up other boats between the bridge and point bonita)
On the way back, steering for the bridge, we also had reach conditions and were going at 7 knots in about 15 to 18 knots of wind with the genoa up.
not as fun as a spinnaker run but till good given that our expectations were for 5 knots :)

Winds got fluky in the vicinity of point bonita so we moved toward the center of the channel, unfortunately getting hit by the ebb tide which slowed us down. We finished 4th very shortly after El Raton and Wetsu.

Elise's bosun
An offshore race requires quite a bit of rinsing afterwards!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

sunrise over Elise

Photo courtesy of Serge

Cooler Work

Photos courtesy of Serge. Made the cooler rogue wave proof. The top had an annoying habit of sliding...not ideal since it is also a step!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Double-Handed Lightship

Photo courtesy of Pressure Drop. For more, read their writeup

 Nathan driving downwind

While Nat enjoys lunch

On the way back to the gate

Last photo courtesy of Pressure Drop

Results, 2nd in division!
01 - Express 27Time on Distance
Start: 03/23/13 at 09:40:00Fleet:5
Course: 1   Distance: 25.00Started:4
Sail #Boat NamePlaceSkipperRatingFinish TimeElapsed TimeCorrected TimeClub

28050  EL RATON  1  Ray Lotto / Steve Carroll  129  15:13:39  05:33:39  04:39:54  st franc  
101  ELISE  2  Nathaniel Bossett / Nathalie Criou  129  15:25:16  05:45:16  04:51:31  sss    
8100  TAZ!!  3  George Lythcott / Steve Bayles  129  15:31:55  05:51:55  04:58:10  island y  
0  DIANNE  4  Steve Katzman / Jarian Westfall  129  15:33:50  05:53:50  05:00:05  ltwyc  

70  WETSU  7  Phil Krasner / Steve Mccarthy  129      DNC  richmond  

And if there was overall results, we would have beaten everyone in the first division (the fast boats) - we would have been 9 overall (El Raton would have been second, they are first in division) out of 29 entrants and 25 finishers.

Wind was very light at the start, mostly drifting - we caught a windline right under the gate and headed North of the channel. We could start feeling the ebb so it didn't make sense to stay close to shore, and as the wind veered North as forecast, we picked the long tack right past Point Bonita and kept it until very close to the lightship. On the upwind, the wind never went above 10 knots, so it was with a pretty powered up boat that we made it to the mark, averaging 5.7 knots in wave, and often around 6 knots. After we rounded the mark, we headed north of the channel on a tight reach, just as comfortable as the boat could sail without constant pumping and releasing of sails at every single wave. We didn't really catch any counter current but saw a lighter ebb closer to shore.
We sailed within sights of El Raton, Green Buffalo, Elan, California Condor, etc... the entire time. The fleet remained pretty compact most of the way.
Some nice albeit brief surfing as we sailed over the potato patch and wind speed increased right above 14 to 15 knots. Still power reaching. Highest wind speed was saw was about 19 under the bridge so pretty light air day - extremely warm (I did not wear my foulies at all) and sunny.

Big Daddy 2013

Photos courtesy of Serge

the life of serge on the water

Race committee work

Boat delivery

Taking care of Elise

New mount for the EPIRB

Work courtesy of Serge
The EPIRB has an automatic release so it should be above deck
The mount can easily be removed for non ocean races

Elise is getting a new autopilot

From Brian! One of the spares for single-handed sailing

Elise got a season trophy!

Photos ultimate yachtshots

 Most improved trophy :)

Ray got three trophies! 1st place in both regular and long distance series as well the trophy for the highest number of races the boat participated in

More action during Spring Keel

Photos Ultimate Yachtshots