Sunday, April 3, 2016

a Harry Potter burgee

Double Handed lightship

We saw a whale on the way out. This picture actually shows the spout. It also breached once, it was fabulous to see.

Nathan took us out in light winds

We called the layline about 3 miles out

Spinnaker ready to go. We did a jibe set

Getting close to the mark thanks to a 2 knot ebb even that far out of the gate. In fact there was ebb the entire friggin' day.

Taking the geona down on Elise's big brother type boat, the Express 37.

Elise liking it

On the way back, we went North (following Wetsu) as there was still heavy ebb current and we wanted current relief and getting. Wetsu did fabulously well, first express to finish and 3rd overall.

Headstay reaching for most of the way in 8 or so knots of wind

Our current strategy involving several jibes paid off as we finished ahead of the boats who rounded the mark ahead of us

The fleet slowly reappears from the fog

420s had a race. Fun!

Double Handed Farallones

Waiting for the wind to pick up on the Bay so we can fight the flood getting out

Pretty dead in the morning but it will pick up outside the gate to reach 30 knots or so

Swapping headsails to a smaller jib when the wind reached about 10+ knots

We also reefed the mainsail and we probably needed the #4 and perhaps a second reef too

We were basically under a huge cloud which you can see in the distance but getting back to the Bay was a real treat because of the beautiful sunset

Sailing under the gate. We kept the reef in during the downwind and even with this and a jib we were doing 16 knots. Epic!

Tired, wet, cold - but happy.