Sunday, March 20, 2016

Race for BeatSarcoma to Alaska

Michael will be racing his Express in a fabulous race:

Race to Alaska - no engine. Whatever floats. Pretty cool!

And see who they are supporting!!

Go Michael!

SSS Corinthian

Was a perfect day. 9 to 20 knots of wind. Strong ebb.

Started in 9-10 knots. Bad start, the line was basically parallel to upwind course on starboard, had to tack to actually cross it. Sailed a short course to Little Harding, picked up a few boats on the way to that mark. Did not overstand, a lot of the other boats did.

Set the kite as soon as we were done. Chose to stay on the left side of Alcatraz, strong current made up for slightly lighter winds - and it was a shorter distance. Wind increased to 17 knots. Short dead spot before getting to Blossom Rock. Doused the kite on the windward side (my first windward douse single-handed) because I would need the lines on that side after Blackaller. Huge aggregation of boats at Blossom Rock so I took the long way around as I wanted plenty of sea room being single-handed.

I knew I had the wrong headsail up but I didn't have time to switch as when the wind picked up there were also quite a few boats around, too many to leave the helm position.

So I buckled up with the #2 up in 13 to 18 knots of wind. The ebb helped as I didn't have to spend too much time on that leg. I depowered through the main quite a bit and twisted the headsail. It mostly worked even though I didn't stay in current as it would have meant short tacking away from the cityfront and as I have learned tacking with the big sail single handed in heavier breeze is slow and tiring.

At Blackaller, I set the kite. A lot of the boats first went on a reach to avoid the ebb but I found that with the kite up I was pretty much on par with them. There was about 20 knots of wind by then. So I got deep and got to Angel Island roughly at the same time as some of the boats that had rounded Blackaller before me. Really really enjoyed going through the water in 18 to 20 knot winds. 

I needed to jibe before I could round the island but I could see the other boats struggling on what was basically a reach. So I decided to drop the kite, then jibe, round the island and hoist again after I jibed back on the way to Southampton Shoal. 

I set Doomsday to drive the boat having it quite balanced downwind and I went forward to swap the #2 for the #3. After Southampton, I had to decide between Raccoon or around Angel to go back to Little Harding. I opted for the bay side. More wind and more ebb. I ended up temporarily in flood though so maybe it was a bad choice. The boat could now handle the wind as I was flying the 3 and it wasn't at all necessary to throw in a reef. Was sailing over 6 knots through the water upwind, nice balanced steady boat. The kind of Elise I know.

The fog set in and I was afraid of missing Little Harding. I was sailing straight to it by sheer luck really as I tacked bang on layline several miles out. A lot of people went in by that point as there were places were the flood was settling in. I sailed in slack waters for the last part then back in the ebb after Angel Island.

I set the kite again after Little Harding and sailed high in lighter air to the finish, had to gybe a couple of times as the current was pusshing me hard away from the line.

I dropped the kite after finishing and sailed under main back to port.

Lowered the main sail as it was blowing a bit in port so that I could have a control 'arrival'

Under kite, heating up on a reach in slightly lighter winds toward Southampton Shoal, getting ready to go forward to swap to the smaller jib.

Love that face :)

Rope burn trimming the kite

Ended up in 2nd place/. Taz didn't sail as I saw George with Joe on Archimedes


Can you spot the similarities?

Spring Keel

I did foredeck - got sick on the first day so we had to abandon the race. Tons of fun on the second day though.

Nathan drove the races.

Rolf did trim with Vlad

Fun and tiring day

However, we ended up celebrating like always. Sailing is about friendship.

Having some fun. Pics by Caitlin

This seagull didn't know what to do with the fish

Getting energy back for a second day of racing

Well, some picked another style


We watched the video of this during the safety training. They thought they 'could make it' - the ship tried to turn. No luck. Needless to say that the guy who raced the boat isn't racing it anymore.

Pumping up the vang

Elise likes it up

Elise Work - Sails

Serge and I rinsing sails

Rinsing a spinnaker and race sails

Serge delivering sails to the boat

A race sail

Elise's new genoa

Hershel is making sure that Frog Spinnaker is getting rinsed properly

Pumpkin's overseeing

ok, looking good

Elise Work - Horseshoe

Sunrise at the boat

We needed a new lanyard. Unfortunately it since broke again for no apparent reason.

So now, I will just use a piece of string...

Elise Work - Engine

Yes, this is the back of Serge's truck...and just in case it falls in the Bay, it carries a spare engine.

The engine was totally frozen - it was impossible to unscrew it without a pair of pliers and it couldn't stay lifted.

It was also smudged with black grease

Serge spent hours cleaning it and greasing it so it would operate again

WD40 to dissolve, the engine grease

After that, it could stay lifted easily and with a couple of fingers. Impressive.

Elise Work

Work and Photo by Serge

Two of the bilge hoses were broken - no air pressure meant no pumping which meant no working bilge pumps

This required replacing the hoses

which Serge did

There's nothing duct tape can't fix

R2D2 is back!

Clean and dry bilge; Nice to see.

That was the before picture before drying things out

Looks like a surgeon table


Post amputation