Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bearing away

New stuff

A mysterious new bracket for Doomsday

Replacement part

The chimney

And old stuff. Swapping bigger solar panel for the small topper for bay racing with crew


All Serge, Elise's caretaker

Shower after effort

Such a beautiful girl



She causes a rainbow...

New main sheet

Thank you Serge and thank you Jason


Elise racing

Frog at home

Sunday, March 15, 2015

En solitaire - must see if you're an offshore sailor

A tad different from all is lost. It looks a bit more realistic since it was shot entirely on a boat. The boat was taken to the Indian Ocean to make these shots more realistic...and to Cape Horn.

The young actor really got seasick, so these scenes were not fake

They really did sea a whale and dolphins, they used these for shots

Southern ocean shot. In reality there were 18 people on the boat for two months to do all the on-boat shooting. The boat had to be moved so it wasn't just two months in a row.

The actors and the crew got really wet with tons of water rolling into their face

As they were on the boat for days on end, they had to take shifts, they also slept very little

There were 6 sailors on the boat - one pro open 60 skipper. They sailed the boat and were consultant so that every sailing move look realistic (that is except the constant override...)

The broaching was a real (controlled) broaching

 The skipper reviews the video equipment installed on the boat

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Why I like cats

Cats are sailors

It's a bit over-trimmed, let me let out some line here

Topping lift secure for anchorage.



Dogs on the other hands drive power boats.