Sunday, November 6, 2016

Great Pumpkin Pursuit Race

I did the Great Pumpkin pursuit race on the Express 27 Current Affair, skippered by Seth. I had raced on his boat about two years ago shortly before he got it. 

Photos from Pressure Drop and Norcal Sailing

The race was in-between squalls - with bits of sunshines. Because the squalls were so localized we could take advantage of the extra wind in the front of them and the lift on their side. I picked the wrong way around (CW) despite initial thoughts of CCW - we did very well on our side and not as bad at all as I thought we would overall (23 overall and 5th Express) so the two sides were not as clear cut as in some years. Taking an early tack to position ourselves for three lifts was the call on that side. First lift off Angel Islands, second lift off a squall and staying on the edge of it for more wind and 3rd lift because the forecast indicated that the wind would move west.

We didn't see any pumpkins. One year on Elise we could have picked one up but the crew voted against it...

Dianne did third overall!!!! A fantastic showing! So proud of Steve.

One Wabbit sank and had to be rescued and a couple of mast snapped in the higher winds 

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